Friday, February 18, 2011

I wanna runawayyyyy;

'I remember thinking that I had to have you, or I'd die.

It's FRIDAYYY !! Yay like finally, after a long, busy week ): Got back so many test papers and my grades dropped like shitxzc -.- Wtfz
Used to be As, and now I'm like almost failing my subjects! Ahwell, I don't wanna care anymore. Miss Tan's afraid that I'll give up and die in 35 LOL
The teachers are like spamming us with tests next week, Bio and emaths on the same day! Holy (Y) Better not fail any subjects :/
I've not adapted to sec three's life, like superr tough. I wonder how I'm gonna slog my ass off during sec fourr next year.
I'm still living in the past, not prepared to move on ..
Haven't blogged for quite some time, I too busyy ! ):
I still have piles and piles of unfinished, OVERDUED work. Gotta go slowly finish it ( if I even know how to do it )
Ohoh! Elynn's damn cute. After Sharone told her bout my stuffs, she has been nagging at me to study everyday xD
Okeh, off to do my work. Damn it ):
iloveyou, but sometimes I dont even know whether its worth it anymore.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Sorry that I loved you;

I've decided to move on.
It's Chinese New Year Eve! AND ITS GONNA BE CHINESE NEW YEAR IN A COUPLE OF MINUTES! The chinese new year celebration in school today was really disappointing :/ Wasted my time there. Went out with Cheeshan, Huimin, Lishuan, Wywy and Betty after that (: Then went for reunion lunch and followed by reunion dinner at different places -__- power manxzc~
Adrian Sou is an ass! He keeps dee-siaoing me bout wearing sari or cheongsam! BIGGEST ASSHOLE ALIVE!
Anyway, I'm most probably gonna post on Friday bout the same old visits every year! Hope to win money :D HURHUR.
You hurt me like as if I totally meant nothing. I felt like some dirt on Monday, seriously.
So all along, you just wanted to make good use of me and then throw me aside like I ain't shit. And I was stupid enough to have believed you time and time again ..

Sunday, January 30, 2011

the smile on your face;

"I'm sorry for not being good enough for you.

Sorry for being soooo lag D: Didn't have time to post! Had a busy weeeeek. Not to mention that it was super depressing .. Urgh. Shan't talk bout what happened.
Sec 3 Edventure Camp was superrr awesome!

Day 1:
Had the orientating programs which was kinda boring and we got to know how to do outdoor cooking! It was really cool ~ But sad thing, we could only eat maggie noodles with hotdog and some canfood D: The food given was like half the normal portion of what I usually eat !
Nevermind. Can slim down :D
Had geo caching after that! Omg I walked like miles and miles ): Its like super tiring and dirty! Muddy muddy everywhere ! HAHA omo I sound like some bimbo :x

Day 2:
Had high elements! Only did rock climbing, abseiling and CRC . Was like disappointed that we didnt get the chance to do the zip-line! But ohwell, I still had fun :D
Dragon boating after that!!!! OMG ITS SUPER SUPER SUPER FUN ! We were like splashing water and my side of the boat got the most attacks! I got like splashed with the bucket right smack at my face like wtf 6 times?!?! BUT IT WAS SUPER FUN HEHEHEHE :D
Had campfire at night! It was like really high ^^ although our performance was kinda .. [ insert word ]
On the 2nd night in the camp, so much happened! Sharone got rashes due to some eeew-freaking-gross-greeny caterpillar! Then Sharone and Ailin came over to my dorm to sleep. Three of us shared one sleeping bag , we whispered , laugh laugh laugh and got scolded by Brenda HAHHAHAH . Then my finger became crooked after that night cause I was restng on my palm ):

Day 3 :
We had some debrief and etc etc, and we left the campsite at 11plus ):
I soooooooooooooooo miss Nurul and Reena! Nurul's like so caring, like super awesome luhh! Whereas Reena's super horny and she's a total joker! :D HAHAHA I miss camp alot alot! ): mostly cause of the instructors ;D

So yeah, that sums up my camp :D After camp, it was a super hectic week. I totally didn't study for my bio test cause I was feeling horribly sick! Suckxzc.
I'm still having cough + sore throat after the fever subsided today. I don't feel like going school tmr ): OHOH ! BUT I CAN'T WAIT TO HAVE OUR GATHERING AT THE TOILET TMR MORNING ^^ YAYYYEEE.
Okay, I don't think I'm gonna complain bout my workload or whatever cause I know that there's always someone who's going through a more stressed out life as compared to me (: Thanks for always being my inspiration ♥ hehez.

Ohyah, there's geography test on Tuesday and students under Mrs Ismail [ including me ] dont even know what's tested -.- wts. And Elynn's damn cute. She's like asking everyone what's gonna be tested and everyone has different answers HAHAHA ELECTION xD
Okay I haven't finish my social studies research omg and I need my beauty sleep ):
Shall post sometime again soon :D

I give up.

Saturday, January 29, 2011



having fever ):

Sunday, January 23, 2011

23'01 ♥

Today's a special day.. Its been one year ♥ shan't elaborate much on that though :/
Camp was terrificly, AWESOMEEEE ! even though the toilets and dorms there sucks big time, but it was really great :D shall elaborate bout camp in the next post!

Short post here. Kthxbye
Imissyou 23'01♥

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Camp tmr, seriously this feeling sucks. The paranoid feeling bout whether you will forget this and that etc. Arghh :/
So many things to bring, so many restrictions. I'd rather stay and camp at home lahh! Tsktsk ):
Gonna end here, shall blog after camp. I'm freaking tired naozxcz

I miss you ):

Monday, January 17, 2011

This routine sucks.

Haven't blog for quite a longggg time. This same old routine sucks! Seriously. 3/5 ... So being in 35, you gotta become a nerd? wtfxzc. Piles and piles of work everyday. Hectic ): I miss 2/5'10 ... loads. I miss those times when I could sing and jump around freely. I'm like some bird locked in the cage . Arghh
Seeing 32 , with their whole big gang, can't help but envy. okay shitxzc change topic
So yeah.. I'll be blogging lesser due to the workload . Fatigue